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Month of April Highlighted Articles, 04/02/19

The most common thing that kills N.J. drivers is ‘completely avoidable’

“More than 90 percent of fatalities are preventable, but it’s up to all of us to reflect on what we’re doing that puts ourselves and others at risk, and change our behavior.”

Based on 2017 crash data, distracted driving was the leading cause of fatal crashes in New Jersey for the seventh straight year.  Inattentive driving or distracted driving was the top cause in 196 fatal crashes.  New Jersey is developing strategies to mitigate this increase.  The most visible campaign against distracted driving is the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s “U Text, U Drive, U Pay” campaign.


News Tech Markets, 4/11/19

Electric Shuttle Market – Key Opportunities & Development 2018 to 2027

“With increasing awareness regarding environmental issues and consumption of natural resources, adoption of electric shuttle is likely to rise significantly in the coming years. The electric shuttles bring wide range of advantages, most importantly reduction of air pollution levels. These are some of the factors influencing the development of electric shuttle market.”

Electric shuttles have a relatively low cost of maintenance and less requirement of services, which has translated to growth in the electric shuttle market.  The range of advantages, especially the reduction in air pollution, aligns with new regulations and initiatives in many countries.  Automotive manufacturers are shifting their focus towards development of electric vehicles for public transport such as electric shuttles to meet these regulations.