Month of November Highlighted Articles

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Month of November Highlighted Articles:

Understanding the Portal Bridge, the busiest rail span in America and N.J.’s transit Achilles’ Heel

“There are three givens in life: death, taxes and the Portal Bridge getting stuck at the worse possible time after it opens to let a cargo ship pass.”

The Portal Bridge, one of the busiest railroad bridges in the western hemisphere, regularly gets stuck (sometimes twice in the same day) and causes outrageous delays and frustration for transit commuters.  It is over 100-years old, and although it was supposed to be replaced eight years ago, the project was killed for potential funding escalation and then again recently under the premise that the project serves more purpose locally than nationally.


 NHTSA Urges Motorists to Drive Safely Near School Zones and Bus Stops

“Young lives depend on you to drive safely”

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is urging motorists to exercise caution and follow State laws when approaching a school bus or school crossing. Following a string of recent tragedies in Florida, Indiana, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky, NHTSA is calling on the public and media to help educate communities on ways to reduce incidents of stop-arm violations and ensure all students arrive to and from school safely.